The Cofa Bed

Chew-proof raised bed for your best friend

Guaranteed Chew-Proof

Were so confident that even the most determined of bed chewing four legged friends could not chew The Cofa Bed, we offer a lifetime guarantee to back up our confidence.

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The PVC platform gives a waterproof, easy to clean, hygienic surface for your pooch to sleep on.

Elevated for comfort

The beds are raised off the ground to provide support and comfort. In a kennel environment, raising the dogs off a cold floor and conversely, the specially designed PVC material also provides a cooling effect which is particularly useful in hot summer months.

For all shapes and sizes

Four sizes to cater from tiny to massive breeds:

Small: (L) 76cm x (W) 48cm x (H)16cm

Medium: (L) 91cm x (W) 58cm x (H)20cm

Large: (L) 107cm x (W) 71cm x (H)20cm

Extra Large: (L) 127cm x (W) 91cm x (H)20cm

Strong and Durable

Designed to last, the aluminium alloy frame and zink alloy corners provide a strong and sturdy frame and the PVC platform can take enormous amounts of weight. Tested to 150kg the platform is both strong and durable, and if your dog is a skilled and relentless digger and managed to damage it, spares are available.

Ideal for in the home, in the garden or in kennel environments