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Passoinate about breeding correctly and successfully

Who are we?

Luvabulls is a small family run business with a passion for animal care. The key member of the team being Kirstie. Kirstie is the “do-er” of the business, the microchipper, scanner, fertility specialist….while husband Phil deals with the techy and business side of things.

As a family, we both have a wealth of experience in canine fertility through years of breeding English Bulldogs, which has blossomed into a fully fledged fertility clinic. Through past experience, extensive training and equipping our clinic with the latest and greatest equipment we are now in a position to help others on their breeding journey.

We genuinely look forward to meeting our clients old and new, while providing you and your dogs with the best possible service and care.


The beginning of something special


Valuable services provided…and growing



“Our goal is to provide the broadest range of quality fertility services to help our customers from A to Z of their journey”

~ Kirstie Patrick


To provide the best possible, affordable and skilled service to animals and customers alike.
Our long term vision is ambitious, whilst remaining grounded and binded to our philosophy. We plan to merge both passions for Luvabulls and Cofantreo into a a service we can offer to promote both healthy breeding and exceptional animal care as a service to our customers.


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