About Us

Who are we?

Luvabulls is a family-run small business which in the short time since the journey began has already evolved and adapted to lots of econimoc change.

Everything we do in our business surrounds one common passion….dogs! The business initially started with a view to helping the vast amount of new breeders to successfully and safely begin their own breeding journey with their pets by providing fertility services in a purpose build clinic.

We quickly found that there were too many factors to that industry which didnt quite feel right and being a catalyst for irresponsible breeding wasnt something we wanted to persue. So we simply shut down the clinic and re-focussed out attention towards something which enhances dogs lives and solves a problem for their owners. The idea for providing comftable and robust, chew-proof raised dog beds was born, and the Luvabulls Cofabed has given us just that product.

Our team consists of husband and wife Phil & Kirstie and we have just welcomed our daughter Ellie as our first part time employee assisting with the mountain of admin tasks that comes with running a small business. We all have other full time commitments with work or studies, whilst spending every spare minute tending to our other loves, our dogs Frankie, Izzy, Indi and Luna and our little business…Luvabulls.

“Our goal for our small family business to be the trusted supplier of products which enhance both the dog and the owners life “

~ Phil Patrick


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